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Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is the best age to start a musical instrumnet?

This question in from anonymous from Vienna, VA - "What is the best age to start a child on a musical instrument?"

Answer -

Starting at day one singing to and playing music and musical instruments around your little one is a great basis to form a life long love of music! Beginning at age two children are ripe for learning! This is a great time to start specifically keyboard/piano classes. Don't believe the "nay-Sayers" that state that children under 5 should not be in formalized instruction. The early years of development are the most fundamental to building strong learning and exploring skills. However, be reasonable in your expectations. At this young age the overall goal should be that of fun and exploration. There should be minimal to no "homework" and the instruction should be from a professional organization with experience with this age. You will know if the lessons are "successful" by the level of enthusiasm your child exhibits towards the instrument and the actual lesson time. If they are engaged and happy to be having the lesson this is what you want. It will build a strong foundation for a life long love of music!

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Have a musical holiday weekend everyone!


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