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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bitter Sweet - Back To School Time

So if you're anything like me, you're filled with all sorts of feelings this time of year.

"Yea! They're going back to school!" and "....sniff, sniff, I will miss the free days and time together..."

This is a bitter sweet time.

I, myself, am in another universe this year. One in HS, one starting MS and one starting ES. What have I done??? LOL

As we mark the final hours before it all begins again this year I am stead fast in my ideals that education needs to be balanced between the "academic" subjects (notice this is in quotations, as music was always included as one of the main academic subjects in the beginning of our structured educational process), the artistic subjects (which allow children to not only think but apply that knowledge and create new material from their studies) as well as down time/family time.

Like you, I will be struggling all year to find that balance.

Good luck to all of us. We will need it!

Have a great school year!

The Music Momma

Back to school Enrichment Activities:

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Music classes for Kids
Swim Lessons for Kids
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