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Friday, November 18, 2011

Should I be in the room during my child's music lesson?

Should I be in the room during my child's music lesson?

As a professional service, we see this a lot. Of course you LOVE your little Mozart-to-be to pieces and want to control every aspect of their lives to make sure it's just perfect. Unfortunately, you can't. Part of learning, a VERY important part, is learning to do it on your own. Navigating those waters and finding their way alone. Remember, your children will spend a larger time as adults then they do as children and our most important job is to create self-sufficient and confident, independent adult.

If you have chosen a professional service for your lessons that does appropriate background checks, etc. then be present in the house and within ear shot of the lessons but do NOT allow your child to see you. This is a time for them to make a personal connection with their instructor and it is a time to allow the professional instructor to do their job. When Mom and Dad are hovering in the room it is a distraction to not only the educator but most importantly the child. Who's in charge? Mom, my teacher? Who do I look at, look to when I have a question? Allow the teacher and student to form their own path and keep your personal opinions and expectations tabled for the time.

If you child is in a group learning experience this is even more important. Pretend for a second that you are a child again. Do you want your Mom and Dad hanging out in the room with you and your friends/peers during a fun activity? I am guessing not. Your child loves you but also wants and needs to be allowed to bask in the fun of the group learning experience without distraction, etc.

Beyond a situation which is dangerous, you should feel confident that you have done your due diligence in choosing the appropriate service and allow the process to take place without interruption. You just may be surprised about what your child is able to accomplish, on their own! :)

Happy practicing!

The Music Momma

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