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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How many lessons do I start with?

How many lessons do I start with? Another question we get here at LNM quite often. Here is the thing. Music is a life-long pursuit. Does this mean you have music lessons your whole life? Well, you certainly could as the potential for learning is never capped. You never reach the end, so to speak. So, when starting music lessons you want to see this as a process, a long term one. Music is a journey that takes time and experiences. Of course, there are always restrictions in time and cost that are understandable. Not with-standing these restraints, you will want to start the process and allow it to unfold at its own time and pace. Each student learns at a different speed and has different goals. Keep in mind, music can be a wonderful exploratory educational experience and putting a limitation on its timing can put undue pressure on the student and may impede the progress and enjoyment that you sought to gain by starting the process in the first place. Keep sending in your education questions! Happy Practicing! The Music Momma

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