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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014-15 School Year

2014-15 School Year

Well, the school year is now upon us. We’ve got new teachers. New students. New schedules, new classes and schools and routes and activities and, and, and.

The beginning of the school year is equal parts exciting and stressful. We’re trying to figure everything out, get everywhere on time, make sure everyone is happy and healthy and not too anxious or frustrated or worried or, or, or.

In the midst of all the hoopla, among the ands and the ors, it can help to take that proverbial step back, and regard what we are actually doing (and why).

Why do we have new teachers? So we can have a new perspective on what we need to learn next.

Why new students? So we can help them learn!

Why new classes? So we can learn more.

Why new activities? So we can learn more in other ways!

As with so much in life, if we can put our world into perspective, then we can understand and gracefully work through the issues we have no fondness for. We can also more deeply appreciate the great parts of our new schedule – the new route to school that passes by the really cool old building with fantastic architecture; our new teacher’s interesting plan for the class officers; the tortilla pizza dinner that’s not only delicious, but can be prepared in under five minutes!

Here’s to all the big things and all the little things that will make a great, exciting, wonderful (and hopefully only slightly stressful) new school year!

Let's have a Musical Year! The Music Momma

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