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Sunday, December 26, 2010

To Suzuki or NOT to Suzuki? That is the Question.

The Suzuki method of teaching music -

The Suzuki method (スズキ・メソード, Suzuki mesōdo, (also called Talent Education, mother-tongue method, or Suzuki movement) is an educational method that strives to teach students using, primarily, a "play by ear" approach.

While the Suzuki method has been around a LONG time and, honestly, sounds fancy and gets young children up and playing it is not a method to rely on for optimal music instruction.

As a public school music educator for about a decade I saw student after student that came in being trained in a Suzuki fashion. These students had good facility on their instrument but no concrete reading ability and were usually years behind their peers in understanding musical terminology and symbols. The result were students that were highly frustrated and typically ended up quitting because the educational gap was too big for them to want to bridge.

The solution? Starting as early as age two, a traditional method of teaching combined with an emphasis on ear training will give them the best leg up on their musical education. Not only will they become versed in musical symbols and terminology at a young age but the "traditional method" will also help them with number and letter recognition as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Happy Practicing!

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  1. I had started my daughter at age 2 on Suzuki violin. She's in 7th grade now and thinking of quiting school orchestra because of exactly what you have said. I'm sad to see her so discouraged and I DO wish I had NOT begun her in this method. I have a son who is turning 3 next month and wants to play piano. Is there another option?

    Meredith, Kensington, MD