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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More of Your Questions being answered...

I am hoping to purchase a piano soon for my 5 yr old to start lessons on. I have been looking at grand pianos and uprights. What would you suggest would be best for my investment and for her to start on?" Julie, Hamilton, VA

Thanks for the question Julie! This is a good one. Grand pianos are beautiful pieces of furniture and if this is what you have your heart set on then go for it. However, if you are thinking of it as anything but a very expensive, all be it beautiful, piece of furniture then I would suggest looking elsewhere to fill your need. Up right pianos are nice too but antiquated at this point. They are expensive, heavy, take up a lot of space and are costly to keep in good shape.

For beginners, their fingers sometimes have a hard time pushing down the keys of a "traditional" piano. We always suggest a digital piano to our families’ adding a piano to their house. They are excellent products with superior sound quality. They are small, light weight, very attractive and can have weighted keys like a traditional piano keyboard without the expensive maintenance schedule.

Hope this helps!

Happy Practicing!

The Music Momma

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