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Friday, January 28, 2011

Your Questions Being Answered - Trumpet!

More of your questions being answered:

"When is a good time to start the trumpet? My child is currently 4."

Great question! It's always great to jump on your child's interests when they are highest! However, you also want to make sure they will have a positive experience to build upon as they grow both in age and musically.

Brass instruments typically need to be started when the student is physically able to handle holding the instrument properly (big enough hands, arms, fingers, etc.) and also able to produce the proper amount of air to have a chance at creating an appropriate tone to be successful.

There is no exact age for this but a general age would be approx. 9-10 years old. There are always exceptions to this and I would suggest renting an instrument first and having a trained professional educator to help in the beginning so he gets off to a good start!

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The Music Momma

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