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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

20 year HS Reunion

So here we are - coming off a weekend of old friends and memories from what seems like several life times ago.

The Music Momma has attended her 20 year HS Reunion this last weekend! Check out the picture above – senior class picture and now. Wow – where did the time go?

Has it been 20 years since my education in public school ended? It seems hard to conceptualize until I look at my 16 yr old son walking out the door with my car keys in his hands....when did this happen??? :)

Among the many fond memories I am now blessed with from this weekend I am also reminded that as we strive for our own children to have the best education possible we need to not forget that allowing time for activities they share with their peers and free time are just as important.

I was not sharing memories with my friends this weekend about the excellent advanced math placement class we were in (although very important). We were sharing our fondest memories of band trips and choir concerts; and of free time getting to know each other and ourselves. These were the experiences that defined us and we need to allow our children the same opportunities while balancing the quest for academic excellence.

Just a thought….

The Music Momma

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