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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music and Yoga

An intimate touch of sound or music can penetrate the whole being of human body. From the ancient ages this is a proven fact. Particularly in India, music for its rich root is considered as an integral part of Yoga practicing. And India has also a rich source of instrumental music with its innumerable kinds of musical instruments be it classical, traditional or folk. Every kind, every type and every genre has its own distinct characteristics. The mild and melodious tunes of flute or the healing sound of sitar, each one soothes the mind and soul. Instrumental music can be used as the best kind of meditation music. As the beautiful sounds of instruments help the mind and soul to relax and concentrate on a single thought.

Yoga or meditation is a way to connect oneself with the divine power or God. Gods and Goddesses often have a close association with music. It is said that the melodious tune from the flute of Krishna, the God of love, overflows this earth with serene divinity. Musical instruments are also used to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of music. Instrumental music frees the mind from all mundane thoughts and pulls the mind towards the Divine. Thus, it transforms the mind into a higher level of concentration required in practicing Yoga. Music also plays a significant role in some particular forms of Yoga like Hatha yoga or Kundalini Yoga.

Traditional musical instruments like flute or bansuri, tanpura and sitar are mainly suitable to form the base of yoga music for their calming sounds. Generally these instruments are used to compose the music-tracks of Yoga DVDs which relieve the mind from all anxieties, tensions or worries thus helping it to relax. The sound of bansuri is perfect to be used in meditation or yoga. Sometimes natural sounds like sounds of waterfalls or birdsong when woven with instrumental music creates a harmony between the mother nature and human kind. This heavenly symphony makes the Union with the Absolute amazingly smooth and perpetual.

Music heightens the consciousness of human being which is a pre-requisite for practicing any kind of yoga - be it Kundalini yoga, Karma yoga, Nada yoga or Vikrama yoga. But vocal music can distract the mind as the mind seems to get involved in understanding the lyrics and voice. Whereas calm and relaxing instrumental music is free from such kind of mind-distraction features. Minimal use of heavy sounds or instruments and maximum use of mind-refreshing light sounds evoke the spiritual sense within. Nothing can be better than these tranquil tunes as meditation music. Incorporating these types of music into yoga practicing can lead to a greater level of self-realization and attainment of moksha.

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