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Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Music Ideas

The holidays are here! The season is full of festivities and joy, and parents can channel this excitement into musical practice and playing. Holiday songs are not only fun, but familiar, and this provides young students the inspiration to keep practicing during the Thanksgiving to New Year doldrums, when so many activities are competing for their time and attention. Instead of allowing family visits, parties, and get-togethers to become impediments to wintertime practice, embrace them as opportunities for children to play for (and with) loved ones and friends. Sing-alongs, duets, trios, and mixed instrument groups are all fantastic outlets for different ages and groups of kids to play together, from the beginning guitarist who strums along to the beat, to the more ‘seasoned’ pianist who can dazzle with all ten fingers at the same time. It’s not just holiday spirit that your children will experience – they will learn to listen to each other, to practice teamwork, and to make the world merrier through their music! If you need holiday book ideas for the young musician in the family, please follow the link below, write "Holiday Music" in the feedback section & LNM will send you info on great options. Happy Practicing! Holiday Music

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