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Friday, November 8, 2013

What does a group class look like?

What does a group class look like? Parents often wonder what a group music class looks like, what happens in one, and generally how the whole thing works. This is an extremely important topic, because if expectations do not meet reality, it can be a frustrating situation for everyone involved. Firstly, a fantastic analogy can be drawn between learning music and learning a language. In a language class with a number of students, the pace of progression will not be as steep, let’s say, as one-to-one instruction, but there will be that all-important element of socialization and group interaction. While private instruction will probably move at a faster pace, it will not contain the social component. Music classes are exactly the same – group classes should be a fun, enjoyable dynamic where all the students participate together and have a great time learning music as a group. Next: what, specifically, does a group class look like? What do the kids do? Are rhythm exercises in a group piano class, for instance, appropriate? Because there are many aspects to musical expression, and because young minds crave variety, the most effective music classes are those that accomplish many different tasks in a given lesson. Learning the specific techniques of an instrument is important, of course, but understanding – and feeling – rhythm, dynamics, articulations, and many other elements of music is equally essential. Students should be able to stand up, stretch, perform clapping games and rhythmic exercises, to practice writing and drawing musical notes and notation, and to listen to others play, as well. When students are having fun, when they are engaged, and when they want to participate, that is when they will learn the most, and retain that knowledge for a lifetime. Happy Practicing! Looking for music lessons?

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