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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Expectations!

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This is from anonymous in Burke, VA -

"How do I know what to expect from my child's music lessons?"

That's a good question! In our experience parents come to the musical table with a wide variety of expectations for their children's musical exploration. The key is this is your CHILD's musical exploration. The goals and direction should be made with your child in mind and involved. At a very young age the main goal should be that of enjoyment. This goal should not be put aside as they get older either. Music should be a positive part of each person's life whether they become an avid listener or a participating musician on any level. When we come to the table with preset expectations or personal experiences that may cloud the present circumstances and education possible we potentially set ourselves and our children up for failure.

An easy way to know if your lessons are working - are they engaged and having a good time in the lesson? Yes? Success!

The practice and dedication will come if it's built on a solid foundation of fun and excitement for the music its' self!

Keep sending in your questions!

Happy Practicing!


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