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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guitars for Left-handed players

Ah the great debate! If you are left handed, do you need or should you use a left handed guitar?

The answer on the outside seems simple. Left = left. Not necessarily. As a young beginner there are no really good quality guitars that are made for the left-handed player. This means you would have to re-string the instrument upside down. This causes it's own problems not the least of which would suggest that you are compromising the instrument it's self by changing the layout into something that the parts were not set up to accept.

It comes down to this. The majority of the finger work on guitar is done in the left hand. As a lefty - you have an advantage! Why give that up? :)

If you have a left handed child or you are a lefty yourself; feel free to get that right handed guitar in confidence. You have the advantage!

Happy Practicing!


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