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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Your Questions being answered: Keyboards VS Pianos?

Anna, WV - "Keyboards VS Pianos?"

Ah...the great debate. Is it OK to start learning to play on a keyboard or do you NEED a piano? There are those in the music industry that like to make you believe there is something wrong with playing on a keyboard. There are even those institutions and schools that refuse to allow students to take lessons without the use of a "traditional" piano.

The answer? You can start on either. In fact, for the youngest of fingers we suggest a keyboard as apposed to an acoustic piano. The keyboard's keys are more easily manageable for the young musician due to their size and non-hammer action. A traditional piano is sometimes more difficult to push down with frequency and ease for their little fingers.

If you are in need of having the more traditional piano I would highly suggest a digital piano instead of an acoustic piano. The sound bites on these instruments are that of the exact acoustical instruments they represent. The sound quality is top notch! Not only that but they are very attractive pieces, don't take up as much room, are not heavy and are easily moved and never need to be tuned! With these instruments, you also have the option of hammer action or non-hammer action keys. Not sure what this means? Basically, the hammer action mimics the action and weight of traditional piano keys. The units are usually the same and the difference in price differs greatly between hammer and non-hammer action which gives you price options, as well.

Thanks for the question Anna!

Keep asking your questions!
Musically Yours, Shelly

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