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Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Questions Being Answered: My child wants to quit their music lessons. What do I do?

My child wants to quit their music lessons. What do I do?

Julia, NY, NY

Hi Julia, thanks for the question. I have gotten this one a lot. There are many reasons students of all ages want to either start or stop something like lessons, etc. You know your child best. Typically, there is excitement that comes with starting an instrument due to the fact it's new, etc. The possibilities of the experience are endless at this point. About 6-8 months, give or take, into taking a new instrument students typically hit a stumbling point. Things are no longer "new" and the intricacies of playing their instrument have become more apparent and brought to the forefront. In other words, it's harder now! :) Now most students weather this storm by hunkering in and stepping up and possibly readjusting their own personal musical goals to be more realistic with the information they now have gained. Some students, however, allow this as an excuse to quit. Should you let them? Hmmmm...Again you know your child best. My professional opinion? Absolutely not. Not only is it potentially a bad habit that could be created (example - things get hard? Just quit and try something else) but they will miss out on the feeling of accomplishment that comes from sticking to something and finally conquering it! That is priceless self-confidence building that will transfer over to anything they do in life.

Now, there is another situation that is common with lessons. Sometimes things get "stale" as they have taken lessons for a while. The best cure for this sometime is a new book, a new take on the lessons, a new focus within the same musical experience. And, if that doesn't work, maybe consider that they may not want to stop music lessons all together but may want to try a different instrument. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to find their musical voice and which instrument that is exactly.

Either way, keeping music in their lives in a positive way is important. Before quitting, have a conversation with them and refocus and try something new!

Keep asking your questions!

Happy Practicing!


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  1. Thanks so much for this post. It's always a difficult decision to make and you make a valid point about quitting, etc.

    Kim, MD