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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Ukulele the right instrument for my 5 year old?

Hmmmmm....Is Ukulele the right instrument for anyone??? LOL

No really. It's actually a beautiful instrument (minus the visions of Tiny Tim playing "Tip toe through the tulips" that's now running through everyone over 35 years of age’s mind...sorry for that everyone! :)

I guess the question is why? Is it because they have heard all the new and exciting usage of this instrument in pop music lately? Or, is it because you are looking for a size alternative to the guitar?

It's it the latter, look no further! Guitars are sized for different ages!

At age 5 they would be using a 1/2 size guitar easily picked up at any reputable music school or store location. Many even rent-to-own so you can see if your little “Tiny Tim”, oops, I mean “rock star” really likes the guitar before committing. :)

Keeping practicing!

The Music Momma

1/2 Size Guitar Rent To Own

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