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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Time to Practice?

Trying to cram too much into one day like the rest of us?

Here are two tips to sneak in a little practice:

- Get an instrument stand and leave your instrument set up and accessible -
Some times, having to just open the case, set things up, find your music, that's enough to make students of all ages feel as though they don't have enough time. When everything is set up you will be more apt to sit down and get in a few minutes of practice

- Be realistic with your practice - you may not be able to practice every day - that doesn't mean you should quit. Music should be a fun release. Not one more thing on your plate you end up dreading. Be realistic with yourself and allow yourself to play and enjoy. You may find when you take the pressure off you will be more willing to sit down and relax with your instrument (aka - practice!)

Happy Practicing!

The Music Momma

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  1. I have been very happy taking Learn Now Music classes. Although they incourage my child to practice they allow him to progress at his own pace in a nurturing environment. I highly recommend.

    Marta, VA