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Friday, March 18, 2011

Music Education in the Schools

It's a sad state of affairs these days to see Music Programs among the first to be cut in efforts to trim bulging school budgets.

Music is one of the essential learning experiences in a child's life.

In order to supplement the dwindling opportunities in the public school system (and don't get me STARTED on private schools - as most have never put a large emphasis on quality music education) parents are faced with the idea of finding alternatives on their own.

A professional music organization can help with all your needs and many come straight to your home to help with busy after school times trying to get homework done, dinner, baths, etc. Also, some schools are incorporating these professional institutions into their after-school programs allowing parents to leave the children safely in the confines of the school to explore their musical abilities.

Either way, we must strive to allow our children's voices to be heard even as the school systems are attempting to balance their books.

Happy Practicing!

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  1. It is so important that public school systems realize that without children using all parts of their brain (as through music education) they are unable to fully achieve. Music education is essential to create a fully well-rounded and high achieving pupil.

    Adam, Kensington, MD