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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Professional Music Education Service

What is a professional music education service?

Teachers are required to have a minimum a Bachelor’s; many will have a Master's or Doctoral Degree.

Teachers are back ground checked.

Company is part of professional Music Education Associations.

Company is insured

Materials, Equipment, Rentals, Accessories, and Repairs, etc are all taken care of by the company.

When your instructor is on vacation/sick or otherwise unavailable for the lesson a sub is sent in their place so your schedule is uninterrupted.

When it is necessary to change instructors, the company seamlessly transfers you to another professional instructor so, again, your instruction and schedule are unaffected.

Happy Practicing and Music Shopping!!!

The Music Momma

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  1. We had a professional company, Learn Now Music, come to my child's school this year to provide group music classes and several different instruments. It was excellent! I would highly recomend them to any parent or school. What a difference working with a professional organization!