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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Teacher - Julius Baker - Legend of the Flute - Julliard School of Music

I sit and listen to this interview and I instantly remember being in lessons with this amazing man. He was an incredible musician and an incredible man. And what a sense of humor!!!!

I remember my first lesson with him. He was a small man. Walked into the room slowly after his lovely wife, Ruth, showed me into their home and where I would be having the lesson. He just looked at me and gestured to start playing. As I ended he remained silent for quite some time and then he finally said, "Huh, you can really play. …Sounds beautiful. I just thought you were a cute blond!" Ha ha ha ha...I just about fell over. We had a wonderful friendship and teacher/student relationship ever since.

I will truly miss him as he passed August 6, 2003.

Fantastic Video Interview with Julius

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