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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Choose In-Home Music Instruction?

Well that seems like kind of a silly question. Doesn't it? Anything that comes to you is GOOD! LOL

But if you need further thought, let me now set the scene for you......

"....It's your 5 year olds' ballet lesson time. You are sitting in the overcrowded waiting room, watching the gaggle of "well-behaved" children running and screaming in the center as parents and children try to maneuver around them in and out. Did I mention your 3 year old is one of them? :) Oh sure, he's having a great time throwing tinker toys (yes - they still make them.) but YOU are MORTIFIED!!!...phone rings as you're trying to rein in your "little angel" and your 16 yr old calls and says they need to be picked up right now because track is cancelled today..."


With a quality in-home music service the professional educator comes to your house. You are able to continue doing dishes, supervising homework completion, etc. and maybe, just maybe, even sitting down for 5 minutes!

For info on professional services in your area CLICK HERE!!!

Happy Practicing!

The Music Momma

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